Choose the Plan That Works for You


Fostering a positive learning environment for students and creating student-educator relationships built on trust are possible with Gotchas Inc.’s latest initiative, Discover how little it takes to join the movement for student empowerment by browsing the pricing options below:

  • PLAN A: Teachers and Parents are charged for GOTCHA POINTS: $.10 each (Parents may purchase GOTCHA POINTS for teachers’ classrooms or use at home.)


  • PLAN B: Schools, School Districts, Alternative Schools, & Juvenille Detention Centers may purchase “seat licenses” at just $49 per student for the entire school year.

List of Plans

The Default Plan

The Default Plan allows teachers and parents to register and have their own personal account where they can then purchase Gotcha Points for $0.10 each. Teachers can create academic, behavioral, and social goals. Teachers may register students they choose to work with.

Students will automatically have their own account and won’t have to register themselves once teachers add them to their account. The teachers will then share their login credentials with them.

Once the student has an account, both teacher and parent can begin creating goals for the student. Teachers can set academic, behavioral, and social goals while parents can set chores and common tasks related to school as well like, “My child/student will complete their homework.”

After the teacher adds the student to their account, the parent can then use the “search for my student” feature and add them to their parent account. Parents can even purchase Gotcha points and transfer them to the teacher’s account to help them help their child as well as other students in their classroom.

The School Plan

School districts, individual schools, detention centers, and private schools may participate in this model by contracting with Gotchas at $49.00 per child/student for the academic school year.

Under this model, teachers will not have to purchase Gotcha points for their respective accounts. Furthermore, under this model, parents will not be able to transfer Gotcha points from their account to a teacher account since teachers will not be limited to the number of Gotcha points they may give.

The reasoning for this is that public school districts and schools may use federal funding under Title I, Title IV, Title VI as well as VIB (SPED) and cannot allow the comingling of federal funds with funds that may be used by parents to support this project.

However, just like the first model (non-contract model), parents will be able to purchase Gotcha points to be able to be used at home.