How it Works


Teachers can choose students to work with adding them to their teacher dashboard.  Once the student has an account, teachers can set academic, behavioral, and social goals. Students receive internal messages through their account and push notification through the Gotchas Mobile APP letting them know that a goal has been set for them.  Once the student has achieved the goal, the teacher will then assess the level of achievement and award Gotcha points to the student.  Gotcha points are disbursed to the students online Gotcha Bank Account.  Students may redeem these points at  These incentives are then shipped to the student’s address that they indicate at check out. Parents can also register and create individual accounts and search for their child by entering their child’s student ID number which is determined by their child’s school.  This is the number the teacher or the child uses during the registration process. The child will share this number (student ID number) with the parent so that the parent might claim them to monitor their success.  Once the child’s teacher has created the student account, parents will be able to locate their child.  Parents can then receive communication through emails and internal messages from their child’s teachers which will include when goals have been created for them and when they receive Gotcha points for achieving a goal.  


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