Learn more about how the Gotchas digital platform ( and our implementation of PBIS can help empower students across the globe. Go through the FAQs for schools, teachers, and parents and contact us if you have any questions.

a. Is this program FREE? Registration is FREE on

We even give you 30 FREE Gotcha Points to get started. Gotcha Points are $.10 each to purchase once you get going. Parents can also register for FREE and purchase Gotcha Points for your classroom to use with all students.

b. Once I add a student to work with, do they automatically have an account?

Yes, once you add a student, their student account is automatically created. You will need to tell them their username and password so that they might be able to participate. Username will be their student ID number and their password will be their first-name, period, then last name (john.smith).

c. What type of goals can I create for my students?

Academic, behavioral, and social goals are the three main categories. However, teachers can create a variety of goals that meet the needs of their students.

d. Once I create a goal for my students, what happens next?

This is where the fun begins. Once you click submit and the goal has been created, an email is sent out to the parent that is associated with that student. An internal message is sent to the student and parent as well indicating your expectation(goal)for the student. This way there is no margin of error regarding the expectation of what you set as a goal. Once the goal has been met or not met, you can select the number of Gotcha Points from 0-4 you wish to deposit into the student’s bank account.

e. Can parents participate at home?

Yes, parents can purchase Gotcha Points for home use. Getting students to participate with chores can certainly be a challenge. However, with Gotcha Points at home, parents will see a difference with the help they get at home.

f. Can my school purchase a Gotchas Plan for my school?

Yes, since incentives are donated to and your school would only be purchasing the usage of the digital platform, school funds may be used. When a school decides to partner with Gotchas, you will not be limited with the number of Gotcha Points you can disburse.

g. If my school decides to participate, how much does it cost for an individual student seat license?

The cost associated for each student is as low as $49 for the entire school year if the organization elects to purchase the school-wide plan. h. Do students get to keep their Gotcha Points from year to year? Yes, as long as the student stays at the same participating organization.

  • i. Can teachers participate with the Mobile APP? Yes, you have the same privileges as the student and their parent. You can be at the ball park, home, or just wherever and create a goal for any student that you might have and both parent and student are immediately notified. Go to the APP store today and download the Gotchas APP today.
  • j. How does Gotchas manage to give incentives? Gotchas has partnered with several distributors who see the vision and these individuals supplies Gotchas with student incentives.

k. We don’t believe in extrinsic rewards, now what?

Great, Gotchas doesn’t either. Schools and organizations have been showering students with extrinsic rewards for years. It starts with the treasure box in kindergarten and flows all the way to high school graduation with a diploma. And do we need to mention all that stuff in between like grades, national honor society medals, etc. and etc.? PBIS works simply because of operant conditioning, period. A student does something positive; positive affirmation is awarded with Gotcha Points. Probably the best example that we can give of this would be Accelerated Reader. Literacy was accelerated with this program when “points” were awarded for reading books. Students would then take AR tests to demonstrate an understanding of the book that they had just completed. Points were then awarded and incentives were provided by the librarian. Accelerated Reader was ingrained in PBIS. Gotchas operates the same exact way except we focus on academic, behavior, and social goals to encourage and motivate students in all three areas while at the same time allowing parents at home to monitor their progress.

l. I don’t believe in PBIS, now what?

Large corporations have caught on to PBIS and operant conditioning. Marriott Rewards and Delta Sky Miles are just a couple of companies that PBIS us each and every day. They know that we have “free will” to choose any company we wish for services. They invite us in and provide incentives and then proceed to inform us that they value us and want to keep us with them and how much our relationship truly means to them. They even use terms like loyalty customers and so on. Isn’t that what we all want? To be valued and needed. Students who don’t feel needed at home certainly don’t feel needed at school as well.

m. What does the “school model” cover when I purchase seat licenses for my school or organization?

When you decide to partner and build a relationship with, you are entitled to the services that we provide which include but are not limited to the following:

  • 1. Ongoing IT infrastructure allows teachers, students, and parents to use Gotchas during the academic school year. Parents of course can use our digital platform for home use year round.
  • 2. Gotchas IT help desk can come for technical support if needed.
  • 3. Our team of 57 presenters will provide training to your staff; please ask for our “teacher reset”. It’s a reset that will produce teacher and student positive outcomes.
  • 4. Gotchas offers individual teacher, student, and parent accounts along with school administrative accounts.